Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning & Design (BICP) is an institution affiliated to Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning and responsible for the formulation of various urban and rural plans. As approved by the Ministry of Construction of China, BICP is a grade A planning and Design organization and aims to provide the services for Beijing municipal government’s macro decision-making on urban development and various construction projects.
        The major responsibilities of BICP are as follows.
        Organize the formulation of the city master plan, district plan, regulatory plan,infrastructure plan and the transportation plan of the municipality, and undertake the planning integration for the underground pipe network.
        Participate in studies on social economic development strategy and important policies of urban construction for the municipality, and provide technical services such as planning research, formulation, consultation for relevant government departments and local authorities.
        Undertake the technical appraisal and integration of planning, participate in the technical examination of planning schemes, and provide technical services and guarantee for planning administration.
        Organize the establishment of technical regulations on urban planning and relevant planning codes.
        Since its establishment in 1986, BICP has carried out multi-level and multi-speciality planning and design around the city government’s central tasks for urban construction. The major planning achievements made by BICP include Beijing City Master Plan, Central City Regulatory Plan, Immediate Plan, Conservation Plan for Historic City of Beijing, Conservation Plan for Beijing Imperial City, Construction Plan for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing CBD Plan, Zhongguancun Science Park Plan, New Town Plan for Shunyi and Yizhuang, Urban Design for Beijing’s Central Axis, and Underground Space Plan, etc. In the meantime, BICP has organized or participated in planning studies on some important projects such as Beijing’s aerial remote sensing comprehensive investigation and application, comprehensive transport system, spatial development strategy, energy development strategy, comprehensive ecology, and the restraints for Beijing urban built space, etc. Nearly one hundred planning, design and research achievements made by BICP won the Scientific and Technological Progress Prize and the Excellent Planning and Design Prize at national, ministerial and municipal levels.
        Since its founding, BICP has established extensive relations for the academic exchange and technical cooperation with academic institutions abroad. Long-term exchange relations with Seoul Development Institute and some other organizations have been built up. And BICP has cooperated with American, Canadian, Australian and Singapore planning & design organizations to complete some planning projects.
        BICP consists of 270 employees, and over 80% are the scientific and technical professionals, of which over 80 are senior technical professionals, over 80 are medium level technical professionals, 4 scholars have been conferred the title of Specialist of Outstanding Contribution by the government, and 18 specialists have been granted the special allowance paid out by the state. At present BICP has built up a planning contingent with multi-specialities, rational structure and higher comprehensive quality.

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